Raising the Bar -

with Jennie Tait, RVT, VTS (Dermatology)

Video to be released Mon. October 21, 2019. 


Jennie Tait, RVT, VTS (Dermatology) is currently the only Canadian RVT with a Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) in Dermatology. In fact, she is a charter member of the Academy of Dermatology Veterinary Technicians...meaning she helped to actually create the VTS! In this video she discusses what drove her to help create the dermatology specialty.

Follow your Passion -

with Amy MacAlpine, RVT

Video to be released Mon. October 28, 2019. 


Amy MacAlpine, RVT, is the owner of Royal Canadian Falconry. In this video she discusses how she had to think "outside the box" to keep her career in the RVT profession.

For RVT Month 2019, the OAVT spoke with five Ontario RVTs who are thinking outside the box, breaking the traditional mold of what an RVT can do, and carving their own paths.

Build Momentum - with Senani Ratnayake, RVT 

Video to be released Mon. Sept. 30, 2019


Senani Ratnayake, RVT, works for P3 Veterinary Partners, She is also the owner of Motivatum Consulting. As a former OAVT President, as well as the first non-DVM president of the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine (TAVM), Senani believes that RVTs shouldn't let their perceptions of where they are now get in the way of where they want to be.

Breaking Down Walls - with Jennifer Carver, RVT

Video to be released Mon. October 7, 2019. 


Jennifer Carver, RVT, is the owner and operator of Canine Pain Relief. In this video she discusses how her business works on referrals from DVMs.

Find your Sector - 

with Philip LeClair, RVT

Video to be released Mon. October 14, 2019

Philip LeClair, RVT, RLAT is currently an Animal Care Technician at the Centre for Phenogenomics in Toronto. In this video he discusses opportunities for RVTs outside of the typical "clinic" setting, and why he enjoys working in research.

Carve Your Own Path

an RVT Month feature from the OAVT

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